In today’s world of convenience, many of us have lost touch with our natural roots. Too often, we turn to easy answers and quick fixes, like gym memberships and free weights. But the body wasn’t meant to sit stationary in an enclosed space and work on one muscle at a time. Humans are built to move. For millennia, we outran saber toothed tigers, hunted for prey, and built our own shelters - and got fit in the process. Physical activity was holistic and freeform, and cancer, obesity and diabetes were unheard of. The Movement® is a return to this simple philosophy, based on real knowledge and real science.

The Problem with gyms

Conventional workouts rely on one thing - repetition. Sure you will see some results, but since there are a finite amount of weights and machines to use, many people will quickly experience a "plateau" - where your fitness results diminish beyond a certain point. This is a result of having to adapt your workout to the machines that are available, meaning you’ll inevitably strengthen certain parts of your body while neglecting others. (And worst of all, you have to pay a monthly fee for the privilege to do it!) 

The Movement® solves that problem once and for all by activating the entire musculature, from Core to Floor, and More. You’ll hit muscles that conventional workouts can’t event touch. How?



Lift and carry exercises are unique because they continuously engage the entire body. When you walk with any object, whether it be a box filled with books or even an office chair, your muscles are forced to makes split second micro-adjustments throughout your body as you take each step. This continuous process ensures that no part of the body is neglected, and that every workout experience is unique. 

Every two steps you take is technically a rep, but you won’t even notice it, because you’ll be focused on a goal - moving the object. That’s the secret behind The Movement®

The Movement® uses simple household objects to approximate the kind of primal workout that was simply part of our ancestors way of life. By lifting and moving a variety of objects, each with its own shape and size, every part of the body is challenged. The key is proper form. Forget everything you know about lifting and carrying - our certified instructors teach you how to master the most beneficial techniques that will put you on the path to whole body fitness. We also help you set realistic goals so you can gain the tools you need to take your health to a whole new level. The Movement® is an all encompassing cardio and weigh-resistance workout unlike anything you've seen before. Trust us - once you start moving, you won't want to stop!